Fishing For Problems

#7: Nabil Zerizef — COVID School Leadership

January 14, 2021

Nabil Zerizef is Principal of Rowe Middle School in Milwaukie, Oregon. Previously, he was the principal at Farmington View Elementary School in Hillsboro, OR. He was also a Multimedia Professional Development TOSA, where he supported facilitated tech-focused PD for teachers and principals. As a principal, Nabil is dedicated to providing successful learning environments for all students. During our conversation, we discuss what it’s like to start a new job as principal of a school during a time of Covid; how he’s thinking about being a leader during a time of crisis; how Covid might be used to transform historical schooling structures that do not benefit all students; and what it means to be a good school leader. Nabil also co-authored A Kids Book About Adoption with a former student of his.

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